ISS Astronaut Captures Rocket Launch from Space

November 24, 2018
2 minutes read
ISS Astronaut Captures Rocket Launch from Space

An ISS astronaut captured an impressive time-lapse video of the Russian Progress MS-10 (Progress 71) cargo spacecraft, on its way to the orbiting complex.

Astronaut Alexander Gerst filmed the footage of the Soyuz-FG rocket launched from Kazakhstan on November 16, 2018.

The cargo vessel began its journey to the ISS. It carried 2.5 tons of supplies to Gerst and his colleagues in outer space.

The ISS was over the Russian/Mongolian border at that time. But high enough above the Earth’s surface to still see it directly.

About 15 minutes of the Progress launch on Nov. 16 show up in the time-lapse video posted on the European Space Agency website. You can clearly see the flare of the rocket launch, the spacecraft making its way up into space, and the re-entry of the first stage of the rocket. As the spacecraft shines brightly in the sky, the Earth spins below.

So, the astronaut set a camera that took pictures at regular intervals. But Riccardo Rossi, a 3D graphics designer and astronautics/photography enthusiast (and managing board member of the Italian Space and Astronautics Association), downloaded the photographs and stitched them together to create this jaw-dropping time-lapse video of the launch as seen from space.

So, get ready to blow your mind!

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Thumbnail image: You can see a progress resupply ship on its way to the International Space Station to the upper right of Earth. A Soyuz rocket boosts it to orbit on Nov. 16, 2018… as seen from ISS itself! Credit: ESA/NASA/Alexander Gerst/Riccardo

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