So, everyone knows that the race to Mars has begun. Meanwhile, Boeing’s CEO is confident that they will beat Elon Musk in the race to the red planet.

Boeing is currently building a mega-rocket for NASA to deliver astronauts to Mars.

Boeing CEO and president Dennis Muilenburg was recently speaking on CNBC when host Jim Cramer asked whether Boeing or SpaceX would “get a man on Mars first.”

“…I firmly believe the first person that sets foot on Mars will get there on a Boeing rocket,” Mr. Muilenburg answered.

Boeing plans on doing missions in orbit around Mars in the early 2030s, and missions to the planet’s surface in the mid-to-late 2030s.

Boeing is the main contractor for the first stage of NASA’s giant SLS (Space Launch System). They designed the system to launch astronauts on deep-space missions using the space agency’s new Orion spacecraft. They are planning a test flight in 2019.

Muilenburg described the SLS to Cramer: “This is a rocket that’s about 36 stories tall, we’re in the final assembly right now, down near New Orleans.”

However, Elon Musk has very ambitious plans for colonizing Mars. His company, SpaceX, is developing a reusable mega-rocket called the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). They plan to fly astronauts to Mars, the moon and other deep-space destinations, all in this giant rocket. He plans to transport the first colonists to Mars in 2024.

Nevertheless, last week, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the Falcon Heavy’s first test flight will launch his own Tesla Roadster in orbit around Mars. Ambitious isn’t it?

Fortune Twitter post cited Muilenburg’s Mars claim saying: “Boeing CEO: We’re Going to Beat Elon Musk to Mars.” Musk responded to the tweet with two words: “Do it.”

So, sit tight, because the race to the red planet is going to be extremely exciting.

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Thumbnail image credit: Boeing