NASA is planning to land the first woman ever on the surface of the moon by 2024. The agency’s budget just got an additional increase.

Only 12 humans, all male, have ever walked on the moon and they were all American. The last person to walk on the Moon was in 1972.

NASA announced May 13 that they will ask Congress for an extra $1.6 billion to begin preparations for a human lunar landing by 2024.

Later that day, President Trump announced the additional funding to support a return to the Moon and later missions to Mars.

The extra $1.6 billion will help NASA put astronauts down near the lunar south pole in 2024.

The budget increase is on top of the initial $21 billion budget request from NASA to accelerate the return to the lunar surface.

The additional funds would make a big difference, but more cash is still necessary for the future, agency chief Jim Bridenstine said.

“This additional investment, I want to be clear, is a down payment on NASA’s effort to land humans on the moon by 2024,” Bridenstine said during a call with reporters this afternoon. “In the coming years, we will need additional funds, but this is a good amount that gets us out of the gate in a very strong fashion and sets us up for success in the future.”

This pioneering mission will help lead to a long-term, sustainable human presence on the moon, NASA officials have said.

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