On Tuesday, Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster into orbit. Now, it is waiting for a final boost to propel it into the interplanetary orbit.

Now you can virtually ride along with the lonely passenger in his cherry-red Tesla Roadster by tuning in to a live webcast beamed to Earth directly from the space car. The dummy is wearing a spacesuit that Musk is calling “Starman” in a nod to David Bowie.

In a few hours, the lonely passenger together with his car will be on its way into a solar orbit that will send it cruising by Mars.

The car will be blasting David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey” as it travels through the solar system.

The lonely driver is casually drifting in space with his right hand on the steering wheel and left arm resting on the door.

In the live stream, you can also enjoy spectacular views of Earth.

More exciting than the space car is for sure the successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. It is a monumental achievement for the company and for US spaceflight.

The Falcon Heavy has 27 engines and is capable of lifting 140,000 pounds into low Earth orbit. That makes it the most powerful rocket on Earth.

The Falcon Heavy launched from the very same pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, that launched humans to the moon.

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Thumbnail credit: SpaceX