A wormhole is a valid solution to the equations of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that act as a”tunnel” between two points in space-time.

That tunnel can allow entities to travel through them. You can think of wormholes as shortcuts in space-time.

To understand them better we need to mention black holes. Black holes, as you know, consume anything in their proximity and almost nothing can escape them. In the center of a black hole is a gravitational singularity where all the consumed mass accumulates.

But there’s also a hypothesis that there also exists a white hole at the other end of a black hole.

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While a black hole draws in the matter, a white hole acts as a source that spits out the matter, and light, absorbed by the black hole. The entry point and exit point exist as separate points in the cosmos.

The tunnel that links those two points is called a wormhole, also known as the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Even the big bang might have been the result of such a phenomenon.

However, wormholes are only speculative structures at the moment. And the technology needed to create a wormhole is far beyond anything we have today.

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