Just in time for Halloween, NASA published this compilation of weird space sounds. NASA published this impressive playlist on their Soundcloud account.

So, there are plenty of spacecraft roaming the Universe. These weird space sounds come from the farthest reaches of space.

It is obvious, that the sound in the vacuum of space does not exist. However, there are instruments attached to some spacecraft that are capable of capturing radio emissions. Scientists then convert these to sound waves and the results are eerie to hear.

This playlist is beautiful but unpleasing at the same time. Hear it for yourself!

Juno, the Van Allen Probes, Cassini, Galileo – Stardust and more, are some spacecraft that recorded these eerie sounds.

The gas giant, Jupiter, along with its beautiful moons, turns out to give the creepiest sound in the Solar System. This sound came from Juno at the moment when it crossed the boundary of Jupiter’s magnetic field. The magnetic field of Jupiter is the protective shield that screens the planet from the blasting winds of our home star.

The probe actually underwent a ‘bow shock’ when it was crossing into Jupiter’s magnetosphere. The event occurred on 24th June 2016 and lasted for two hours.

These creepy noises can come from our planet’s magnetosphere too.

“In regions laced with magnetic fields, such as the space environment surrounding our planet, particles are continually tossed to and fro by the motion of various electromagnetic waves known as plasma waves,” NASA explained earlier this year.

NASA calls this playlist “Spooky Sounds from Across the Solar System”. The recordings came from different times at different places, and there are a total of 22 recordings in it.

So, we recommend you to use these sounds for your Halloween party. Creepy isn’t it?

Thumbnail Image: Artwork of a pulsar (Credit: Victor Habbick Visions/Science Photo Library)